Cripple dating game

Bragging Rights: Largest database of singles with disabilities Simply put, has more singles than any other dating site — and that includes singles with disabilities.

Dating is a numbers game, so why wouldn’t you want to have the most profiles to browse through and choose from as humanly possible?

The game uses a traditional text and sprite-based visual novel model with an ADV-style text box running on the Ren'Py visual novel engine.

The game is licensed under the Creative Commons CC-BY-NC-ND.

There are five main paths corresponding to the 5 main female characters, each path following the storyline pertaining to that character.

Looking at factors like popularity, features, pricing, and content, we’ve found the 12 Best Dating Sites for Disabled Singles — all of which are sure to meet your needs.Hisao Nakai, a normal boy living a normal life, has his life turned upside down when a congenital heart defect forces him to move to a new school after a long hospitalization.Despite his difficulties, Hisao is able to find friends - and perhaps love, if he plays his cards right.(which translates to "Disability Girls") is an indie love sim that takes place in a high school setting.The twist is that you and the girls you are pursuing are all handicapped.

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