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There’s certainly many businesses missing in the list at this point (3.23.13), as this is a perpetually dynamic work in progress like Wikipedia, intended to be completed via contribution from you folks, the readers!

If you know any Oahu eateries no longer around that aren’t included in the list, please add it in a comment, and it will be edited into the master list.

Please note all the details you’re aware of, including location, year established and closed, your personal memories of said business(es), such as what was their most popular dish, feature, etc., and what’s currently in their former spot.

Note, if the establishment you remember was more focused as a bar or nightclub than restaurant, see this list: Oahu Bars & Nightclubs Memorialized Let’s enjoy reminiscing them good ‘ole Kaukau days on Oahu!

The recent closing of Byron’s Drive-In — a 24-hour institution in the Honolulu International Airport area — ends the final chapter in a long history of the late Andrew Wong’s restaurant empire on Oahu.

We ended the day eating saimin at Forty Niner’s, another family favorite, and lit the candles at home that night. Our Synagogue organizes an annual group of volunteers and we joined the team three years ago. And tonight we will celebrate the sixth night of Chanukkah with a holiday meal shared among friends at our home.

Here’s a master list of Oahu eateries that have since closed their doors, collected from numerous online discussion boards, an old Polk Directory, Bob Sigall’s fantastic The Companies We Keep, as well as references from personal family, friends and coworkers.

Links go to websites (or posts on this blog) with useful information pertaining to that particular business.

The Japanese observance of o-bon — Hawaii shortens the word to "bon" — honors the spirits of family members who have passed away.

You'll find o-bon festivals slated for just about every weekend at Hawaii hongwanji missions and temples, from June through August.

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