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Brian Tong here, and welcome to the Apple Byte, where everything, good and bad inside the world of Apple.It looks like wireless charging will be finally, finally coming to the i Phone.SOS (Sex Offenders Search) for the i Phone/i Pad, Android and Windows 7 Phone helps you locating registered sex offenders and sexual predators in your neighborhood, around your children's schools, friends, parks and campgrounds.*Featured on NBC's TODAY Show - "The Sex Offender Search i Phone application is key". *Featured on the Daily BUZZ TV Show - "This is the app you need to know about to protect your children". Learn more | Purchase from i Tunes | Android Market | Zune Marketplace Family Tracker Family Tracker for the i Phone/i Pad and Android allows you to track your wife, husband, children and fiancée.All 50 states in the US require those convicted of sexual offences to sign a register so that their whereabouts can be tracked and monitored. Thin Air Wireless, the developer of the Offender Locator application [i Tunes link], has used this database to build the tool.Offender Locator uses the i Phone's built-in GPS to pinpoint the user's location, and then provide a map listing sex offenders in the local area.Your wife should be at work but she is not answering her phone and you're afraid she may have had an accident.

"Offender Locator gives everyone the ability to find out if registered sex offenders live in their area," says the application developer, Thin Air Wireless, on its i Tunes page. They know where you and your family are..it's time to turn the tables so that you know where they live and can make better decisions about where to allow your kids to play." However, Thin Air Wireless warns users of the Offender Locator tool that because the register of offenders is constantly updated, some information contained within the application may be inaccurate or incomplete.

In fact, Apple already uses their own tweaked version of it with their Apple Watch and that's why it actually doesn't work with any other wireless charging pads.

The thinking is that Apple will do the same with the i Phone because guess what? Now the report also jives with more rumors about the next i Phones.

Google even allows you to download a kit so if you are creatively minded, you can use that to make your own viewer.

But really, just get one from e Bay for a dollar, and save yourself the hassle.

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