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In any situation where you want to be taken seriously, exposing “excessive” skin is not in your best interest.

One certainly wouldn’t wear a mini-skirt or midriff to an interview and expect to be hired, to represent a serious Fortune 500 company on a daily basis, and then complain about lack of freedom to express one’s sexuality.

Boys & Girls Club president and CEO Penney Ainsworth was optimistic about the effects the studio space might have on the children and teens she oversees: “They’re going to learn to write, make beats and marry the two before going into the sound booth.

“Now you see that I can give back, hopefully one of y’all can get popping from this studio and come back and give some more money.” The space itself includes a full Pro Tools suite and a soundproof both, and was designed by the hometown producer Leroy Jones, who has worked with Boosie Bad Azz, Scarface and others.We make excuses for both the positive things and the negative things that we want to do in life. Health is just something that you have to agree on, that you're serious about. My trainer, Scott Parker, has had his roster triple since me.From “Like a Pimp” to being a voice in the black community, David Banner has set the precedent for growth and maturity.You a sellout nigga I got money” and allegedly threw money and credit cards at him during the exchange.When police attempted to break the altercation up, Banner said, “I don’t give a fuck about no police!

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” He was then arrested for inciting a fight which amounted to a ticket.

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