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"LRN" refers to the Pre-1964 Legislative Route Number. "I" refers to an Eisenhower Interstate signed route.

"Route" usually indicates a state shield signed route, but said route may be signed as US or I.

Every day, thirty minutes before sunset, my family would pile into the Odyssey and head to the mosque.

I’d walk into the women’s section, go to the part where the other girls my age sat, and quietly unfold my prayer mat.

I was eleven years old and the first few days of the move are a blur of spaghetti junctions, what I then thought of as bone-chilling cold, and a fascination with fast food restaurants.

Lipids of archaebacterial cell membranes differ considerably from those of both prokaryotic and eukaryotic cells, as do the composition of their cell walls and the sequence of their ribosomal RNA subunits.I’d sit there quietly, my stomach grinding itself in hunger after a full day of fasting.The minutes before the call to prayer were agonizing. and spoke effortlessly with accents that seemed thick and foreign to me.In addition, recent studies have shown that archaebacterial RNA polymerases resemble the eukaryotic enzymes, not the eubacterial RNA polymerase.Archaebacteria also have introns in some genes, an advanced eukaryotic characteristic that was previously unknown among prokaryotes.

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Previous Federal Aid (pre-1992) categories: Federal Aid Interstate (FAI); Federal Aid Primary (FAP); Federal Aid Urban (FAU); and Federal Aid Secondary (FAS).

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