Love and dating in modern day egypt

Literary works occupied a distinguished position in the ancient Egyptian thought and civilization.The ancient Egyptians viewed literature as a source of spiritual nourishment and a unique way to elevate style of expression.Plants with contraceptive properties were used in Ancient Greece from the 7th century BCE onwards and documented by numerous ancient writers on gynaecology, such as Hippocrates.The botanist Theophrastus documented the use of Silphium, a plant well known for its contraceptive and abortifacient properties.

An in-depth look at women’s hidden contributions to the economy, discrimination against women in the workplace and what drives many women to the informal sector where they’re underpaid and uninsured.

Refined literary style was a source of pride for the writer and appreciation and enjoyment for the reader.

Ancient Egyptian literature tackled almost all aspects of life.

Picture above: The Hall judgment after death, where the deceasedis sentenced to eternal destiny in Paradise or hell.

Of all the fields, of civilization literature figured high.

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