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It was discussed in this forum thread and declared as a novel algorithm.

(see also Charles Bloom's analysis of MMC) Later, Piotr Tarsa underlined that this structure can be described as a left-leaning Radix tree. However, there are some significant differences too : MMC organizes data as it is being searched into, while Radix sort them on insertion.

Non-US citizen international med school graduates in the match numbered 7284 with 52.4% obtaining PGY-1 positions—about 2% higher than last year and statistically significant with a p value of 0.026.

For categorical general surgery, 267 programs offered 1281 positions, and only three programs with a total of five positions were unfilled.

This has nothing to do with eventual collisions (two different sequences with same hash), as this can be made reasonably low with increased hash size.

This is a valid behavior of the algorithm : there are many positions which share the same prefix, that's all.

Here are some of my top posts that may be of interest to you.

Here are some snippets from the NRMP Advance Data Tables for the 2017 Main Residency Match.

With the number of matches growing so quickly, I wanted to ask a large group who shoot lots of matches to see what their favorite was.

I’ve shared a few of these quotes in previous posts, but I just wanted to share the full list with all my readers, because it is so helpful.

Although these guys each completed the survey individually, it’s ...

With that in mind, Leiout was a bittersweet experience filled with excitement and euphoria, but also a lingering sorrow that some call a "friend hangover." From beginning to end, the tournament was an ecstasy ride of social interaction.

Old faces, new friends, everyone 100% engaged and in the moment. The only 2 things that really mattered were the companion(s) at your side and the time you had to spend with them.

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