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Sure, some of them had a lot of things in their life together, but some of them didn’t. Of course there were some things that helped, but there was no one requirement that all of them met before getting married.

It all seemed so simple when my parents got married—why should it now be so complicated for me and my friends?

I’d be cheating myself, and I’d be cheating the person I marry. I’ve definitely prayed my fair share of prayers about it. I’ve prayed for them, talked to them, bought them ice cream and dried their tears, but I’ll be honest, I don’t have a good answer for them.

I don’t know why God hasn’t brought them a spouse yet.

Because these men are high functioning in most areas of their lives, they often don’t recognize that the feelings of pressure and distress they feel prior to and in-between dates is due to a form of anxiety called anticipatory anxiety.

Part of what makes these men great is that they think of others’ feelings and don’t act impulsively; however, in this case they are often so concerned about hurting others that they feel anxious about disappointing the women they date.

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  1. ""You mean things like 'Oh my gosh, Dolph is so hot and dreamy and I want to marry him'? "Not necessarily those words, but something about me. I was trying to be nice about it." He says, laughing. "He looks out of the corner of his eye to see John smirking.