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The large number of burials made in this time showed that the cemetery was a collective one, probably used by the inhabitats of the numerous farms that were dotted around the surrounding landscape.

Instead the brooches and pots found in the graves suggested that the cemetery was only in use for a few generations between circa 90-40 BC.£295 ( VAT) per sample for batches of 40 samples or more. 4 weeks) with routine precision: £415 ( VAT) per sample. These are fixed charges with no additional charge for collagen preparation, cremated bone preparation, cellulose extraction, etc. These prices include correction for isotopic fractionation (δPb analyses. For further information please contact Gordon Cook (email Gordon) or Philip Naysmith (email Philip).High Precision: Price available on enquiry - please contact Prof Gordon Cook. Alternatively, telephone or write to Professor Gordon Cook (details below).File=The dates on cremations I gained were interesting in various aspects – the range of the dates, the sites, and, the area of interest which has only rarely been the subject of radiocarbon dating.As I am currently working on publishing these dates (with Rick Peterson and Mick Wysocki of UCLan) I’ve been pondering things on a broader scale.

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